I miss her so very much

I’ve just lost my girlfriend of nearly 5 years, she passed away suddenly whilst on holiday, that was nearly 4 weeks ago, I’ve never cried so much, loved her so dearly and I miss her so deeply, night times is the worst for me st the moment, can’t sleep, can’t eat at times, and can’t rid my thoughts of her and all that we planned, you see, we planned to marry, we planned to buy a house, we planned a life together, I miss her phone calls, I miss her cuddles/kisses I feel very bad sometimes, feel broken inside, like I’m bleeding from an open wound, I wonder what I’ll do now? I feel cheated by life, I feel lost, totally lost, anyone else feel like this?

Hi Blueline im extremely sorry for your loss.Im 57 was married for 15 years my wife was 41 when she passed away (on her birthday too ).Take things 1 day at a time dont try to plan things thats when disaster can strike in a different way (have youi been to see your gp i strongly urge you to go see him or her ).I understand exactly what your going its perfectly normal in lightof your life .If you have family or friends try and reach out .Dont be a stranger on here can pm or other members massive massive friendship Hug.Ihope ive helped and can help more often ?

Thankyou so much for your thoughtful words Colin, I read your reply with interest, and am so very sorry for you too, you’d think at a time like this I’d know what to say, when in fact I’m lost for words, in answer to your advice, I’m due to see a counsellor this Wednesday, I feel I need it and don’t want to completely lose the plot, how does one overcome such awful circumstances? How do we remain sane and carry on? Questions I ask myself everyday, on a positive note tho, I know in my heart that sarah, my partner wouldn’t want this, I take comfort knowing she was happy when she passed, her mum said something to me recently which echoes in my head, her words cut deep, even now, I well up inside thinking of it, she said, " you gave sarah the best five years of her life, you made her happy " words that’ll die with me Colin, I was speechless at the time, cried like a lost child… just a pen picture of my world Colin, I wonder what it is you do to keep yourself sane?, hard to express emotion on here, but I hope you see what I’m trying to portray to you, once again thankyou Colin, really appreciate your time and effort. Sam

I feel your pain take it one day at a time sending you love and hugs

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Thankyou jaynos

Hello Blueline. So sorry to hear about your loss but every tear you shed is a tribute to Sarah, to what you and Sarah made of your five years. My wife died 8 weeks ago and we were together some 48 years and I cry every day, sometimes on my knees,mate, sometimes on my knees - so don’t worry about expressing your emotions online, this is the place to do it. I sometimes think, perhaps I am being fanciful, that I have started a journey I never intended but my Helen is with me on it too. Your Sarah is still in your heart and you will always be grateful for that. Didn’t mean to go on so long, always be brave for Sarah if you can’t always manage it for yourself.

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Sam ive been where you are (at times i go back there ) thinking why am in this pain looking at the door waiting for her to return ?staring at her chair and wishing she was there .Somethings take longer than others ,Time is a great healer i disagree it forces you to think a different way each day you want get judged on here offload whenever you want i do .How do i keep sane Sam ?i take each day as it comes i dont plan unless i have appointments .Sam if you want my phone number at anytime pm me ill gladly give you .Sam small steps thats my advice

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Hello Alan thankyou for taking the time to reply and write such beautiful heartfelt words, I’m touched by your words, I absolutely agree with crying it keeps me sane, I’m so very sorry to hear of your loss, that’s a lifetime in comparison, I feel your loss I feel your words, thankyou so much, I appreciate your advice. Sam

Thank you Blueline - your words help me - it’s what we are here for, to help each other, especially when the fear is that the rest of the world either won’t or can’t understand. Take care, your friends and relations are thinking of you, I’m sure Sarah’s mother is.

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Thankyou Alan, thankyou so much