I miss him so much

I lost my joe 4 months ago to a heroin overdose, he had relapsed and was accidental, i keep feeling like i should have been able to tell he was struggling and i could have do e something. He was my everything and ive been offered lots of support from friends and family but i dont want it, he was the only person who ever truly understood me and no one else can make me feel better. Im about to have a baby alone and he was going to be a big part of her life. Even though we werent together anymore we remained very close and spoke every day, he was going to be my main support through this. Feel so alone without him.


I’m so sorry for your loss, no words can help really to overcome the heartache, I lost my son to a drugs overdose in March, I too know it was accidental as his clothes were ready for work the next day as usual. This site is a wonderful place to off load and find helpful bits of advice and the support is great. Take it day by day and look after yourself and your baby needs you as well xx


Thank you so much for your kind words, im so sorry about your son x

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Thank you, it is so hard. I found the first few weeks my head was like fog and couldn’t function. I have found writing a daily journal helps me, private to me, that may help, I’m not sure. He was my only child, dabbled in drugs bit tried so hard for him to stay on course. We have the inquest in October, but it won’t change anything. Take it from if you can please, hour by hour, little steps and go with how you feel. Take care xx


Oh Joni I’m so sorry, some time we can’t be with the ones we love , ie they live too far or have problems, like drink drugs and other things, but it dose not me we don’t love them any less then people who are together, I should know I love a women from Florida U.S and I’m from UK we chatted every day and she loved me and know now that I loved her, but its too late now she died in August and it will never be now, I’m in bits and are broken in 2 thats how much I loved her, and yes I feel so alone now, knowing shes gone.