I miss him

Loosing someone who you thought the world of is the hardest thing, do you ever get over it? Some days seem to be easier than others. But your always there in my mind, I do certain things and think what would he say! One day I’ll see you again and I will look forward to this time. Love you always xx


Your title ‘I Miss Him’ are just 3 little words but my goodness they have such meaning and power. Oh how I miss my husband. It hurts physically and at times leaves me breathless. I keep busy but look for my husband’s approval in everything I do. He’s at the forefront of my mind all the time, just hovering. I want him to stay there forever, I never want him to go to the back of my mind. I agree that some days are bearable but our grief never leaves us and we have to live with that - we have no choice. Love and hugs xx

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Hi Em_Sarah
I just lost my soulmate 2 months ago
We used to say to each other
“No words No actions just our beating heart” that we will see each other in our next life
I am sending you love x

That’s how I cope with my grief. Holding on to the belief that one day we’ll meet again. He’s always on my mind. My family think talking about him will upset me but when they don’t talk about him I find that all the more upsetting as we lived in each other’s pockets for 27 years. Now he’s gone I feel lost, like something’s missing. Wanted you to know I agree with what you say. Take care x