I miss my family!

Hi I’m 28 and I have had a terrible couple of years, that has left me feel broken hearted and angry at the world.

Last year my little sister died after having a heart condition all her life, she died from a heart attack she was only 18 years old and I just can’t come to terms with her death :broken_heart:.

Then two months later my mum passed away too! Which completely broke me apart. Made me feel so alone and scared. My life felt so empty :disappointed:.

Then a couple of months ago my stepdad died and that was so upsetting and confusing because we never had the best relationship but his death hit me harder than I thought it would!

So much has happened, and life with never be the same. I just don’t think I have processed it all yet which probably sounds silly because its been a while now .

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Stargirl, it not surprising that you feel broken, so much has happened and you will feel alone and lonely. In your post you seem to have thought it although which is a fantastic achievement. It you haven’t had counselling, it may the right time to try and see if it would help. Both Sue Ryder and Cruse have free sessions and it may be the answer to help you overcome some of your worries. Everyone on this site has lost at least one person so we all know what you are going through. Keep an eye for others who have lost special people but most of all look after yourself. S xxx

Thank you so much for your reply it means alot, I have thought it all through in my head everyday since it all happened but I don’t feel like I’m any closer to accepting it all.

They say time is a great healer but I don’t feel like it’s healing me! I have been very reluctant in talking to people before now because I just couldn’t see how it would help it’s not going to bring them back, nothing is :disappointed:. But now struggling so much and out of ideas on what to do, I thought I would reach out and give it a shot! At this stage anything is worth a try!

Thanks Z. Xxx

It does really help, just talking helps.


hips://www.Sue Ryder.org./on-line-bereavement-counselling

Honestly try it, it worked for me and so many others. It doesn’t take the pain away but you leaner to deal with the pain and the new life that you now have. Wishing you well. S xx