I miss my nan so much

2 years ago on March 27th, i lost my nan from cancer and a brain tumor. She was such a caring nan and always took me and my siblings out. She made us food after school and her husband making us BBQs in the rain haha. However that all came to an end. I never felt so much guilt when i was too scared and was not accepting that she was ill. I gave her few hugs because i was so sad when i heard she had 6 months. I thought she would beat cancer but no, 6 months came and she was gone in her sleep. The funeral came but because it was lockdown only 3 people were allowed in the church for the memorial, which was my mum, grandad and my uncle. I did not accept that i thought it was disrespectful but Boris Johnson is childish for not allowing a funeral which everyone should be allowed to attend. I told me friends but it was obvious they did not care and does not understand. After around 6 months when she passes, my grandad broke news saying he found a new woman which i think is too soon. I can’t and never will accept it. He has abandoned me and my siblings with his new womans grandchildren and left us in the dark. It will never be the same again my family has fallen apart and i just want my nan back im too young to experience this.

Dear @rhja

I apologise for the delay in replying to you. How are you today? I so sorry for for the loss of your nan and what you are going through. Lockdown has been very hard with funerals with the numbers and I appreciate your pain having experienced that myself.

Everyone reacts differently after a death of a loved one and it could be that your grandad needs companionship. If he had been with your grandma for a long time the loneliness and emptiness of being on his own could be unbearable for him. Give him time and try and talk to him and let him know how you feel. He may not be aware this is affecting you.

Just take one day at a time and if you can support your grandad from the distance. I am sure he will be missing you as much as you miss him.

Take care.