I miss my son so much

I miss my son so much I lost my 14year old son in a tracing accident on 19th April 2018 and I just still can’t come to terms with the fact he is gone I have a 5 year old daughter and a 20 month old son who I was pregnant with when my son passed they are the reason I get out of bed everyday or am even still here I feel so guilty tho at the same time the fact that I am still here with out my boy I beat myself up so much about it how can a mother carry on when he boy isn’t here I go the cemetery every single day I need to it’s like I feel if he is looking down he knows how much a live and miss him if he sees me goin to see him every day it’s comin up to 2 years in April I am feeling so low I just want to know why my boy my amazin perfect boy I am so angry !!

Hi im sorry for your loss :sleepy: i understand the feeling of why your son i have the same thoughts. We have a memorial garden for our and we light a candle every night for him and if were away we get a neighbour to light on for us.

It’s just so hard people thing ur ok because I get up everyday get my kids to school but I have no choice no no one sees how much I am struggling and how hard it is the pain seems to be gettin worse as time goes on :pensive: xx

Hi Lynsey your so right its hard to see people just carrying on i get told so many times that time is a great healer but its been 16yrs and for me its got harder every yr even my brothers tell me i need to get on with my life. I do try to hide just how hard things are from people my other children are grown up now so its not easy to hide just what a struggle life is. If people ask how many kids ive got i say 4, 3 i can hold and 1 in my heart .x

It’s so hard, I lost my son 6 month ago, the only good thing about this lock down we can’t go anywhere, I don’t want to go out, I cry myself to sleep every night, wish sometimes I wasn’t here, so I don’t have to feel this pain anymore, the hurt and pain , I’m going though, just miss him so much, I send him a message every morning on messenger , just think and hoping he might just message me back and this is all one big nighmare