I miss them all

Hello all, hope your all well, I’m new to this, so not sure how it goes yet but
I lost my mum in September, then my grandad and then my grandma earlier this year, I’m looking in some support as I’m finding it very difficult as we were very close with each other thankyou
I also have really bad anxiety and depression which has obviously got worse than it normally is


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I hope you don’t mind me messaging you,

But I read you’re story and I’m literally in the same position as you,

I lost my mum last April, a close friend in January, and then 2 of my grandparent in feb and March,

It’s so much to comprehend and to deal with, but be kind to your self! Don’t expect too much from
You’re self and take each day as it comes,

Grief is an emotional rollercoaster and no day is the same,

I was so so close to my mum and we miss her more than words can say, she was 59 when she passed away, and life is not the same, I look at pictures of myself back when mum was here and I look a completely different person, I had a twinkle in my eye back then and now there’s nothing,

I’m so pleased you have reached out though, you should be proud of you’re self, and everyone’s journey of grief is different so don’t let anyone tell you different or how you should be feeling,

Please feel free to message if you want to chat,

Sending hugs,


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So sorry to hear how much loss you’ve suffered in such a short time :broken_heart: It’s so hard losing the people we love.

I’m 38 now. I lost my mam when I was 21, my grandad who I was very close to died when I was 10 and my grandmother died when I was a baby so I have no memories of her.

Ten weeks ago I lost the love of my life, my partner of 17 years. He just died completely out of the blue. I sometimes wonder what I did to deserve so much loss at such a young age. I see people my age who still have grandparents, parents and partners around and wish I was them instead of me. Sometimes I wonder what on earth the point in life is? It’s just so full of suffering, loss and heartbreak. All the people who meant the most to me are dead. I often feel like life just isn’t worth living without them. I hope I don’t feel this way forever but I don’t see how things are ever going to get any better :sob:

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