I miss you so much

My Mum - 8 years since she died. I struggle still to care about anything. Nothing seems to matter now. I used to be passionate about life but now nothing. I feel empty. I still hear her calling me and I look up and I have to remind myself that she has gone. It’s like reliving the day she died day after day. When will this end.

Dear Kathy1986

Reading your post I felt I should respond. I don’t really know how to help you except to offer you an ear, to give you a little time and perhaps to engage in conversation if you so wish.
I’m so glad you reached out to this forum where you can put down your thoughts and feelings and there’s no-one to judge.

As you will see if you go through some of the posts here, so many people go through different ways of grieving and perhaps some of their experiences will help you to sort out your feelings.

Have you talked to a counselor, doctor, or contacted the Samaritans during the past eight years? We also have a counseling line on here if required. and I suggest you take advantage of their expertise.

It does take years sometimes to come to terms with the death of a parent. However, you say you have lost your passion for life which is a concern. Do continue posting and writing on here, and check out other people’s experience.

I wish you comfort and support whichever way it comes.



Hi Kathy

you could really do with someone to talk to so they can help you with your feelings
im sure if your mom could reach out to you she would be telling you to look after yourself and try and get the stregnth and passion you had before you must try and live one day at a time in memmory of your mom she woulnt like to see you still struggling
perhaps a friend or a family member you could talk to just to let your feeling out to

take care and good luck look after youself


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Dear Looby2018

Your words to Kathy struck a chord and I hope that is what she found too, such valuable advice. Thank you.
All the best to you,

thank you just hope it helps her she sounded so sad


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