I need more time.

None of us, as we have all cruelly found out, knows what the future has in store and I’m not waiting around for anything to rob me again of all my faculties and bring me to my knees like this grief has done. I’m charging ahead full steam whilst I still have my health and if I go out with a bang rather than a whimper then that’s my preference. I am going to hit 2024 like a hurricane :joy::joy:
I have my bucket list book that was a Xmas present of a close friend and I intend to fill it…lol starting with a cruise…


Love it @Sarlyn you go girl xx


Yep loving the attitude. As ALi says, GO Girl. My biggest quandry at the moment is whether I can convince my cat to live in a mobile home, I’ll give it a go taking her out in the car first, but I’m making plan B :rofl:


@Ali29 @Walan
I just can’t sit anxiously waiting for my life to happen, I have to choose it.
I’m sure your cat will be happy to go wherever you are but a plan B is good if she puts up major objections. Bribery may work? lol good luck


This inspired me…
Just before Xmas I went to see Sir Tom Jones at the NEC and not only was I blown away by his still powerful voice, at 83 I looked at his concert tour where in 2024 he will be touring all over Europe onto Malaysia and then Australia at 83!!! take away his obvious fortune, he lost his wife of 59 yrs just 18mths ago, so shares this grief track, for him to find the energy, drive and motivation to do what he loves (he clearly doesn’t need the money) then what am I waiting for? The man is totally inspirational. He walked off the stage very unsteady which was sad to see but he had a standing ovation for even doing a 2.5hr set when most 83 yr olds may have been taking a nap…


That’s brilliant. I’m absolutely with you . Loss is devastating and grief debilitating as I’m finding out but I know that my life is ahead of me. I love cruising ( hence my name on here; it’s a ship) and they are brilliant for people travelling solo. We ( my amazing partner and I) had several booked including one for our wedding and it will be heartbreaking to travel without him but I am determined to do it. There will be sad moments I know but also new experiences and places to see, people to meet…I would say don’t hesitate, get it booked! Very best wishes x

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Ali29. You are so right in how you’ve summed up our situation, it really resonated with me. I often think other people think I must be “over it”, after less than a year, because I do now more often seem happier & less anxious. Sometimes it’s just a brave face, it gets me through. I wish you peace for the New Year, the continued ability to look forward and to more bright light times. Sending a hug xx


That’s exactly what happened to us, planned everything then missed all of it!
Future is now meaningless without my angel by my side :sob::sob::sob:

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This is such a good and helpful thread particularly the comments by Sarlyn. Thank you for expressing much of how I am feeling four months on.

Makes perfect sense. Just glad to see the back of


I love my wee home bubble too where I can cuddle my kids, cry and smile without being judged or stared at.

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