I need support

My son william died 2 years ago this april 19th he was 41 i didnt cope well,This anniversary of his birthday 17th march and his death on 19th april were very hard his brothers dont mention him and his father is the same.His step was in as much grief as me at the time and his girl friend. This anniversary i felt frightened and depressed and my panic attacks started. I have no interest in anthing i am 72 march was my birthday .2 days after williams anniversary my border terrier died in my arms after a seizure.i know dogs aren’t like losing family or friends but to me she was my baby and william loved her as well .i buried her in the garden with cornflowers and spreading wild flowers but i am feeling real grief for both of them ,i really need help thankyou Barbara


Hi @Babs1111
Sorry to hear you have been through so much grief, 41 is so young. Loosing a much loved pet is losing family, :broken_heart: it’s heartbreaking. Sending hugs of support.


Thankyou for your kind words ,writing about it does help babs

Hi Babs 1111
Talk about your loved ones it really does help
I struggled to talk about my Mum but I found I got comfort from talking about her and happy memories I still struggle now 8 months on but it’s easier than what it was
Your dog was family and the loss is still there remember good times , funny things they did
Sending hugs x

Im sorry for your loss.
Losing a Pet is just as upsetting as losing a human.
We love our pets and they give comfort back to us.
Ive lost 2 much loved Dogs in the past and i still miss them now.
Take care of yourself,sending love to you.xx


Hi Barbara, really sorry to read about your very sad news. I do understand the way you are feeling as I was feeling the same after my wife passed away over two years ago. My wife was a cancer patient over many years and losing her changed my life totally. I did get a rescue dog who has got me out every day and yes he is part of the family. Everyone seems to grieve in a different manner and there seems to be no
simple answer to it. Initially I got counselling which to some degree helped. This counselling is normally readily available if you ask your GP and feel certain it could go some way to helping you. I sincerely hope you can get this help you acknowledge
you need.

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