I need to have hope

Does it get any better I no its early days six weeks ago I lost my husband and the pain is terrible at times but my husband said he would not rest if I didn’t do everything I could to have a good life and even have a new partner I want to believe that I will not feel like this for ever I also want to say a huge Thankyou to everyone who writes on here I don’t feel so alone


Six weeks is really very early days… …you just have to go through the waves of grief.
You can’t rush it. We grieve because we’ve lost our beloved partners.
You will have days in the next few months when you do feel slightly better, because we have to get used to our new way of life.
I have days when I feel ok, then something small happens in the house for example where my husband would have just sorted it out and I’m in a meltdown again.
It was a year for me on Tuesday and although I do feel less like crying every day, I miss Ian more than I ever thought possible and I’m sure I will ALWAYS miss him. For the rest of my life.
Please take care of yourself and just take a day at a time. That’s all you can do. There’s no quick fix for how we feel after such a big loss.
You aren’t alone and we do understand your pain
Janey x

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My husband died nearly 5 months ago. I’m not sure what is easiest, knowing your partner has a terminal illness or a sudden passing with no goodbye. My husband died of a heart attack, completely out of the blue. I try to control my emotions when people are around and find it most difficult when alone, especially at night. Our husbands would want us to carry on as best we can - that’s all we can do. Six weeks is no time at all. Thinking of you. Sandra xx