I Never Said Goodbye (Poem)

I Never Said Goodbye

I never got the chance to say I love you
I never got the chance to say I’ll miss you
Nobody told me that you were going to die
It hurts, I never said goodbye.

Where are you now, please talk to me
Show yourself and let me see
I know that can’t happen no matter how much I try
All I wanted to do is say goodbye.

I hope that you are happy where ever you are
I have you in my heart no matter how far
To the Heavens above I wish I could fly
Only to give you a warm goodbye

I will remember you each day that I Live
I will keep the good times we shared
I want you to know how much I really cared
Till we meet again, on God we must rely

Alan, I love you, I miss you and for now goodbye.


That’s lovely, I think it’s how we all feel, when we lose a loved one xx

@sad2 thats beautiful love is such a wonderful thing but the parting is such sorrow though we were all blessed to have had the time we did with our loved ones even though it wasn’t long enough god bless them and us

Casey1, In the end, all we have left are memories. Bits and pieces of the time we spent together. No matter how long that time was, it’ll never seem like enough. Their lives were too short x

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