I Once Had Something Special (Poem)

To my darling Alan.

I once had something special that money couldn’t buy
I had a special person but I had to say goodbye.
If I were asked one question, why I thought the world of you
I could give a million answers and they would all be true.
The heartache and the sadness may not always show
People say it lessens, but little do they know.
Meet me in my dreams and talk to me once more
And ease this everlasting pain that makes my heart so sore.
The road without you is so long, a tear for every mile
But I know one day when I reach the end you will be waiting for me with a smile.



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Thank you.

Amen to that. :heart:

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@sad2 thats beautiful it touches the heart and shows just how in love you are and what a great love you shared together sending hugs x

Oh, what I wouldn’t give to have him back with me, impossible I know.
I miss him more and more everyday.
I’ve never known heartache and pain like this before.
Where do all the tears come from?

Wow! This is beautiful… in floods of tears reading this! :heart:

@sad2 I know you do if only we could turn back time I wish we could for all of us on here I think the yearning and longing for them and missing them seems to feel worse everyday I feel your pain and I am so sorry for all of us going through this heartbreak the tears just keep on flowing maybe it’s our bodies way of trying to release some of the pain and our tears are filled with our love for them a love that will never fade as for the pain it’s so heartwrenching and I have never known pain like this until I lost her I miss her so much it feels like I’m being torn apart that she is not here with me I hope you get some moments of peace take care sending hugs and love x

Thank you so much for your kind and tender words Casey.
A little poem to our loved ones that I want to share.

You rest in the arms of Angels in a place of peace and love
Watching over me always from Heaven up above.
You guide me through my worries and help me through each day
Always by my side, you never went away.
The bond cannot be broken made from love so pure
Death does not break the bond, it lives on forever more.
You rest in the arms of Angels free from illness and pain
Waiting for the day we are together once again.


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@sad2 that really is beautiful and so touching it made me cry thankyou so much for sharing

Grief is love with nowhere to go.

Such a beautiful poem xx