I say goodbye

I say goodbye to my darling Jane next Wednesday 9th November at the crematorium I feel so alone x

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I decided that I was never going to say goodbye to my husband and I have kept him with me. It brings me comfort to think of him near.
I’m afraid we all feel very alone as we have lost a big part of ourselves. Your loss will be raw at this moment and you won’t be able to make sence of anything but the forum members all know how you are feeling at this moment.
If you can’t talk to family then try counselling. It’s not for everyone but it may help you.

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Thankyou it’s so hard at the moment to even talk

I am so sorry. I am very newly unexpectedly bereaved. Its not sunk in yet. It was a freak accident. He was 56 xx

So sorry to hear of your tragedy. Many people including this site will offer you love kindness & support over the next weeks. Take it all & wrap it around yourself to help yourself against the pain.
This community is always here to listen & never judges. It helps me when I’m very low.keep in touch, love to you .

Thanks so much I say goodbye to her 0n 9th November next week I just need a hug x

Hi I am still trying to cope not very successfully a lot of the time it is 11 months since Roy my husband passed away,I was so unsure about what to do after the cremation with his ashes he was one of those people who would never speak his wishes so everything fell on me to decide how to go about it ,so I never thought I could bear to bring his ashes home but I did and it gives me great comfort knowing he will be with me until pass and they will be scattered together,he served in the Royal Navy and always hated leaving me behind when he went away so how could I leave him without me beside him so never will