I’ve searched for so long

Hello all
I’ve been searching everywhere not just on google but everywhere for the one question I want an answer to I have to find out
If love can conquer everything then why is love keeping me apart from my mum. Let’s remember love is supposed to conquer everything but it can’t conquer death. Then it’s a lie.
I know it’s a stupid thing to ask. It hurts so much that I love my mum that I can’t be with her.


Hello Steven, I’m sorry for your loss. The love you have for your mum is not keeping you apart from her. Death will take away but can’t diminish the love which connects you and your mum. This connection is special; it transcends physical death; it epitomizes the dual nature of life, physical and the spiritual. Scientists may say dualism is naive and only materialism is real, but I believe love is just as real as the earth and the sun. My heart goes out to you.

Hello thanks for your kind words. It made me smile which I don’t do much of.
I know the love of my mum keeps me going. I am breaking down trying to make sense of this horrible grief I have.
I’m holding on to the day I’ll see my mum again. It can’t come quick enough


Hi Steven, I believe grief is the final responsibility of losing a loved one. Grief will be ever present but will change form with time as we heal and grow stronger in body and spirit. It may take months or years before we notice It ourselves but know that change is inevitable. Change in itself is not painful, but our resistance to it will invite suffering. Take care Steven. Be good to yourself as our mums would have done.