I walk alone. Poem

I walk alone .but you hold my hand .
there’s parts of this life I don’t understand.
messages and signs everyday.
Keep them coming my love .
Never fade away .
There’s a tear in my eye .
It won’t ever go
I’m trying my best and I want you to know.
we are soul mates in this life the past and to come .
my beautifulwife and specialmum .Lesleyxxxx.


Hello @Lesley22 - thank you for sharing these beautiful words. I know they help me and will help lots of others on here. Keep posting, my friend.

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@Lesley22 This is such a beautiful poem, thank you so much for sharing I write poetry too I find it helps to express the many feelings I have! Thank you so much for sharing this truly amazing poem. Xx


Dear Lesley

Such beautiful words, I hope they do bring you comfort whenever you read them. Thank you for sharing.
Whatever your situation now, keep writing on here, there are so many who are suffering their own grief and sharing those feelings really does help.

Thinking of you,