I was visited

Last night not long after I fell asleep, I was visited by my deceased Fiancé. This was not like any other dream, everything was clear and vivid.
She took me on an old steam train which went through a dark tunnel. On the other side we arrived in what looked like an office block, she handed me a set of ‘Uniform’ style clothes the same as what she was wearing and told me to try and blend in.
She then led me through some automatic doors, similar to that of a shop front, which you required a key card to go through. On the other side was this incredible floating city on top of the clouds.
The grass was the brightest green I had ever seen, the sun was shining and people were happy. Children were playing in a swimming pool located outside of the chalet like houses, in the distance you could see what looked like a capital city, floating just a bit higher than the rest of the surrounding areas.

She told me that this is what the afterlife is like and that she can only visit when the train runs. She told me time works differently there and for every day that passes for us, only 1 hour passes in the afterlife.
She gave me a choice, I could come back and share this story with people and tell her family that she will visit them soon or we could go back to the train and I could stay with her.
As much as I wanted to stay, I knew that people had to hear this.

It may sound like I’m making this up, or I’m going crazy from the grief, or even that it was just a dream made up my imagination. But it wasn’t. This was 100% real, I just know it.

I chose to come back, and it was the hardest choice I’ve ever had to make. I’m not saying that there is or isn’t a God or that this has given me a new perspective. I’m simply saying this happened and I truly believe now that there is life after death.

I am happy to answer any questions on this story. All I ask is that you please be respectful as I truly believe this really happened.


Hello Bennett58,

I can see that you’re new to the community, so I wanted to say that I am so sorry for the loss of your fiancé which brings you here.

I’m sure someone will be along to offer their support, but I wanted to share a few Sue Ryder resources with you that may help you right now.

Thank you again for sharing – please keep reaching out and know that you are not alone.

Take care,


I really want to believe that this is true because I lost my mum 6 years ago and every single day I long for that contact with my mum and whilst I do believe she is somewhere better than this horrible world created by humans I believe my mum has not truly left me she’s not gone my mum is with me. She just left me with all this grief I struggle to live with every second of every day.
This place you went to sounds like a dream I hope my mum lives in. I have had dreams of being with my mum of my arms around her telling her how much I miss her and how much I love her and what an amazing mum she was. I can never accept she’s gone let the day roll on my life ends I can be with her


I heard that when you dream of a deceased loved one, they are visiting you from the afterlife. keep dreaming of her, she will never leave


Hi @Bennett58

I loved your dream, yes I do believe our loved ones are waiting for us and we will see them again. I don’t dream about my husband as much as I used to, or perhaps I just don’t remember but I do get comfort he is watching over me until I join him again.
Yes I do believe in a new life to come.


I read a while back that a dream is when heavens door opens and your loved one is visiting to say they are thinking and watching over you.

G. X


Grandma - I absolutely love that explanation.


Hi Bennett
How wonderful for you to have been visited by your Fiance. I know there will be people that don’t believe that such a thing is very real but it is unlike any dream. I had no thought on the subject until I lost my husband and then for the first year I had many visitations from him and even saw him in my dining room one night. After speaking to a practising spiritualist I had no doubt that my husband was making contact. He showed me where things were even to a hidden case with old paperwork in it in the loft. His visits came thick and fast during the first year but then he came and told me that I couldn’t come with him and he was leaving me. I have only had a visit once since until last week…
I had the urge to talk to my husband and went to where his ashes are scattered and had a long talk with him. I then asked him if it was possible could he let me know that he understood, just a small sign would be enough. A week later I received one of these vivid visits. I could tell him all the things I longed to tell him and was able to touch and hold him, he then slowly faded away and although I felt emotional it renewed my faith that he is somewhere near me as he had answered me I have also put him to tests by asking him to produce something to prove he hears me and he hasn’t let me down yet.
A couple of years ago a topic on this forum called Psychic Phenonema was found to be very interesting. You can still find it on the forum if you wish.


Your not crazy, my cousin visited me. When we were younger we used lay on the bed facing each other with our hands under our faces and just chat. I was laid on my bed resting i wasnt asleep, and she was there, she told me she loved me and that my dad is ok, and that she knows about my illness and she will see me soon, but im to look after myself as best i can and make some good memories to leave with my family and she will be waiting to take with her.


Hello Bennett I’ve had a similar dream to yours mine was about my uncle who sadly passed away quite unexpectedly anyway in my dream I was waiting for a lift and my uncle pulled up in his car and offered me a lift anyway I got in and we were just chatting about different things we were driving through some kind of Forrest the tree’s were really high and beautiful and he turned to me and said it’s not your time and I’m trying to understand what he meant then he said the only way back from here is to fall over that cliff to the bottom I looked at him and said but I will die if I go over the edge I will fall straight into the sea and I will drown he said that’s the only way back it’s not your time that’s all I could hear my uncle David saying so I looked at him and thought I have to get back so I fell over the edge i could actually feel the wind and the sea spray on my face then as soon as I touched the top of the sea I suddenly woke up I do believe that my uncle was trying to save me from myself as my beloved dad had passed away, then my uncle came to me in a dream so I do believe that looking at it now he probably saved me