I Was With You (Poem)

I was with you as you cried last night, so much for counting sheep
Your thoughts were running rampant, it was hard for you to sleep
I knew you were missing me and wishing I was there
You laid awake all night thinking of the memories we shared.

I watched as you tried to eat lunch. You couldn’t even drink your tea
You were thinking of all the things you wish you said to me
I wanted to say “don’t worry, seriously, it’s ok”
I know every word you would say to me if we had another day.

I was with you when you visited my grave today
I heard you cry out to God “Why did you take him away?”
As hard as you try you can’t figure out why it had to be me
Your mind is so scrambled, but someday you will see.

You will know why this happened, the reason I had to leave
You will understand it all in time, till then just believe
There’s a higher power working and He has a perfect plan
I didn’t see it either, but trust me on this if you can.

Someday when it’s your time to come to the other side
I’ll rush to welcome you with my arms open wide
I’ll show you around Heaven, there’s so much to see
But that time is not now. That’s just the way it must be.

You must live out your journey as I had to live out mine
And know His timing is perfect. We must trust the Divine
So go live, laugh and love - be who you are supposed to be
And when your job on earth is done, come Home and be with me.


Sad2 thank you for sharing your poem, it’s beautiful and gave me some relieve for a few moments.
Thinking of you as all the others that post messages, we maybe grieving for various reasons but it’s a comfort to hear from others and know someone is there thinking of us at this moment. X

Thank you Perth, glad you enjoyed reading it and hopefully without too many tears.
No matter how many times I read it, I still cry.
it’s so sad reading the messages on here too, I can feel the pain and heartache we are all going through. I know we are just trying to comfort each other and I am so grateful for the kind and comforting messages.