I wish I'd found this site earlier

I found this site by accident a couple of days ago. I wish I had found it earlier.
After my wife died, I was offered support by the hospital bereavement dept, by Age Concern, and even by the Co-op Funeral service.
All very well-meaning but not what I wanted at the time. I wanted to be on my own, to be left alone, so that I could process the thought of not seeing my soulmate again. To get used to the idea of being on my own for the first time in 50 years. I did not want to talk to people in the same situation either, to share their misery…
Now, 18 months later, I am still grieving and finding that it creeps up on me unexpectedly.
And I feel the need to be in touch with people who understand my situation from personal experience.
All the posts I have read have been kind, thoughtful and supportive.
I wish I had found this site earlier.

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Hello Jaldi. My husband had been gone almost a year before I joined the site and even then I didn’t interact immediately. I’m not sure I would have been ready for this kind of thing in the early days of my grief. Of course, we’re all different. I know some have joined the forum almost straight after their loss. Whenever we join, I think it’s probably right for us as individuals. The forum has certainly helped me enormously and I’ve made some lovely friends. I hope you do too. The understanding and comfort just oozes from these amazing people, all with one thing in common. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: