I Wish (Poem)

I wish

I wish I had some time with you to walk among the stars
To hold your hand and see your face and ask you how you are.
I’d tell you how things are going here and say how I miss you so
And then there’d be that moment when I wouldn’t want to let you go.
But I know that I would have to as I’d give you a kiss goodbye
And then I’d wish that Heaven allowed visitors so I could come back and see you again.

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Dear Joan

I wish every day just to see my husband’s face again. To be able to see the two happy smiling faces that shine out from one of our photos in the bungalow. The problem is neither exist anymore.

Our son takes photos of me with our grandson, but despite how much I try the smile is not the same, the glow in the eyes has disappeared and the reality is it will never return.

Take care

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Dear Sheila
“If Only” must be the two saddest words in the world.
If only we could turn back time and have them back here with us again.
If only I had my life to live over again, I’d find him sooner so I could love him longer.

Another sad and lonely day to get through, and more tears to shed.

Joan x