I would like to join a group which meet regularly

I would like to join a group which meets in person regularly

Welcome to the community @Vicko

I have a couple of signposts which you might be interested in looking into which offers group support. At the moment most of these options are doing sessions remotely due to the pandemic, but hopefully they’ll be resuming face to face meet ups when it’s safe to do so.

  • Cruse - they offer a range of support options such as a helpline, email support, and online live chats.
  • Good Grief Trust - have been running virtual bereavement cafe sessions via video call which is a place where bereaved people can come together to support one another
  • Mental Health Mates - organise walks for people struggling with their mental health to come together for peer support. At the moment they are running virtually over Zoom.

I hope these are helpful, and remember you can reach out to us here on the community anytime you need someone to talk to.

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Thank you for these links.

Think that is a great idea. I shall certainly look into it when this lockdown is over.
No one understands what we are going through unless they have experienced it themselves