I6 weeks

It’s 16 weeks today since I lost my wife of 40 years.
And I just can’t see it getting any better
Today is a bad day I just can’t stop the tears.
Everywhere I look I see her
Everything I do I wish she was here to see it.
Nothing has any reason.
It’s just like what’s the point in living with so much pain
That is never going to ease.
I wish I could be there fir my kids and grand kids but it’s just like it’s seems this pain will last for the rest of my life even good days don’t make up for the bad ones.
Lack of sleep and contact with other people
Is so hard to cope with.
I’ve been off work for 2 weeks and spent most of it in a big empty house with only photos and memory s. Of me and love. We were never apart and for her to be gone in the way she did has broke me in two.
I can’t imagine the thought of thinking like this for years on my own.
At times I have wished I even believed in a god but I don’t do there’s no help coming from there.
I’m just lost.


Just realised I posted a post like this last week I forgot. But it’s still the same only a week later…

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I feel exactly the same way. You supposedly learn to ‘carry’ the grief but who wants to carry a sack of heavy bricks for the rest of their days? I can’t see it getting any better and the things that I used to do that made me happy just don’t without him here. Sending hugs