if you are over a certain age they don't want to know

I was told by the management of a nursing home that if you are over the age of 65 and hospitalised you won’t get the same attention of someone younger. They give up on you no matter how fit you were previous to going in hospital. That’s why they are not bothered if you don’t eat properly, give you any physiotherapy if you’re bedbound, are not watched by staff even though you tell them the patient is confused and agitated, so that then results in a fall with a bang to the head. The amount of time they wait for scans or any other procedures. Then wait as long again for the results. If they need the toilet they’re told to wait a minute which turns out to be more like 10 minutes by which time its too late. If they’re waiting for a certain specialist to turn up and when they do they say oh he’s asleep, but don’t even bother to check whether that be the case. 95% of the time my partner had his eyes closed but wasn’t asleep. So then they have to wait for that specialist to turn up again. Another 2 or 3 days later or longer. Told to have liquidised meals but don’t always send them. Sometimes hardly any bedding for patients. Left without food or drink for 24 hours waiting for an x-ray or scan because he was coughing a lot, even though he was only 8st. and used to be 11st. 2 or 3 days before he died no liquids again. His line was blocked. The day time nurse said someone at night would do it. There were only 2 on qualified to do that procedure. They both had a go and couldn’t do it and said they would try again. They didn’t as they said they had an emergency on so he was left until lunch time before anyone tried. Then it was a slow procedure and had to be done in stages. So that was another time he was left for 24 hours with no fluids. Then they wanted to talk to me in front of him about what was happening which I wouldn’t allow them to do as its very distressing. Then to top it all I gave them a donor card which he carried in his wallet and none of his organs were used. I find that very disrespectful. They are always crying out for organs. Those are just some of the issues and believe you me, when you spend as much time as a visitor as I did you see all the goings on.

I’m so sorry to hear that your partner was let down by the care he was given in hospital and that it seemed as though they had given up on him due to his age. It sounds as though this has given you a lot of additional distress on top of your grief.

Are you considering making a complaint to the hospital to see if your concerns can be heard and taken on board? If so, a good place to start is your local PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service) who can support you with the complaints procedure. Find your nearest PALS: https://www.nhs.uk/Service-Search/Patient-advice-and-liaison-services-(PALS)/LocationSearch/363

Yes i am. He was also let down by the gp who i asked if he could refer him to hospital but wouldn’t. My partner had 2 types of cancer and copd but picked up a nasty chest infection and still wouldn’t refer him. He had to wait 3 weeks which is when he had an appointment with his consultant and as soon as he saw the state of him he found him a bed.

My husband desperately needed a home visit but our GP refused saying he was too busy!2 weeks later,Rob died.Who are they to play God with people’s lives?That was the first time he ever needed a visit in his 60 years.I have lost all faith in the surgery.

I am sorry to be so late in answering your post, Janet, but in fairness I have to say that our local hospital gave me first class treatment, once I had been admitted after an 11 hour wait on a trolley. I was given pain medication ( I have an injured spine) as and when I needed it plus other caring.
Your post makes sad reading and I am so pleased, not smug that I had the best care, available.

That may depend on individual staff and hospitals. My mother was treated with the utmost care and respect when she had pneumonia, a pacemaker, radiotherapy for a tumour and hip replacement all done in her 90s. ( not all at the same time ! ) Sadme

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