If youve lost your mum recently

This is how i felt 4 months after i lost my mum in february 2021.
It’s been 4 months tomorrow since my mother died.I am in such a dark place.Nothing makes sense anymore.Its like life is going on and I’m standing still.Everyday is a battle.I just keep hoping to wake up from this nightmare but this is real it’s my normal and I hate it.I needed my mother more than ever and she’s just gone.I am so lost.The weather is beautiful today but it doesn’t make a difference.All I see in front of me is darkness.I feel so alone.To make matters worse I had covid in January and I lost my sense of smell and taste.Everything tastes and smells horrible.My cat also passed away last month.How can so many bad things happen one after another?

Now 2 years later life doesnt feel so dark anymore it just takes time you have to go through the pain to get to the otherside which is totally unfair.You will feel happy again.You will laugh again and you will start living again.I know that doesn’t feel possible at the moment and everything feels raw and surreal and like your world has stopped.You are stronger than you think and you will be ok.


@StarHeart Thank you for posting this. I am only just over two months into this awful journey without my mum and I feel like it’s getting worse. I have to stay strong for my son but when he is not around I just fall apart. It may be because mothers day is coming up and her birthday is next month to. So many people saying what they are doing with their mum or conversation that they have had with them, the things that I will never have again with her. It’s exactly the same as what you described in your journey. They say that time is a great healer it’s just a case of how long before it gets easier each day.
Valda xx

Im sorry for your loss… I lost my mum in August of 2021 and i feel the same… mothers day is Sunday for me and i am finding it harder this year compared to last… all i can say is take comfort in knowing youre getting through each day even if its only just getting through as shed be proud of you x

I know I just have to remember the mothers days that we did have when Sunday comes. We would go to her favourite restaurant for lunch, it’s closing for good on Mon end of another era. I am going on Saturday with my son, her brother, his son and his kids as a farewell to the restaurant and to raise a glass for my mum. She would have loved this as was happiest surrounded by her family. My son and I are going away for a few days at Easter, she would have been with us as it was always the 3 of us. Life going forward will never be the same without her.
Valda :sparkling_heart:


You sound just as i was with my mum. Ive a 2 boys my oldest son knew her… i was pregnant with my second when mum died. Whenever i went away it would have been with her… she will be with you somewhere. Lifes just not as good anymore without our mums is it… im sure you’ll have a lovely time at the weekend and a lovely break at easter… sending love :heart:

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