Illusive sleep

I came to bed at 11.30pm after trying to stay busy all day to get tired out. I read my book for a while then dropped off to sleep…3 hours later i am now awake again and the pain rushes in. This site helps me feel less alone as I am sure many of you will be lying there feeling the same.
I am reluctant to start taking sleeping tablets and the herbal ones give me nightmares so i will just try and drift off again.


2 years on for me and still i have no sence of sleeping at the right times if at all.
Lastnight i had a real good sob and talked most of the night to a enlarged photo frame of my loved one at her best.
I keep thinking i could have done more in our relationship .
I was one lucky fella to be in a relationship with her for 22yrs but after seeing what she had to ordeal with for her final 3yrs of her life battling cervical cancer i cant help but feel i lost out for a good few year giving her the best life she deserved .
How i would change myself and how our relationship developed if giving the chance again.
I miss her so so much and i find it alot harder as time goes on without her.
Thank god for our loving son and a french bull dog called Dora to try and make me deal the best i can.
Bereavement is an awful situation to be in and i feel for everyone who is suffering there loss.

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For many weeks after my husband passed I was just napping sometimes 1.5 to 2 hours at a time and then sometimes 3 hours.

Now, 11 weeks on, I sleep for 5 hours sometimes 6.

So sorry for your loss,

Rose x

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I am awake when I should be asleep. No doubt will fall asleep again. But just laying thinking doesn’t do it. Sometimes the cat wakes me up.
But I have got used to it now.

Sleeping pills, even ones prescribed by my GP didn’t work. Now I’m on antidepressants I do sleep better. xx

Well I take low dose anti deps too doesnt stop it.
But just way it is
I should follow all sleep rules but dont
Just never get it going

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After years of broken sleep, I am trying alternatives - a copper infused pillow, a silk pillowcase and silk eyemask. Seems to help a little.