I'm Angela

Im managing at times . I lost my daughter 2years March 7th to suicide and my brother 20 years ago May 3rd . I cry everyday and talk to them both miss them loads. Life goes on in a blur.

Dear Angied,

It’s okay to cry and to miss the people you loss. There is no time limit on grief. The anniversary of your brother;s death probably brought back lots of memories. Losing your daughter to suicide must have been a heartbreaking experience for you. Did you get any support at the time? If you would find it helpful to talk with someone who has gone thorugh a similar experience, there is a website with a helpline specifically for loss due to suicide. This is the link: https://uksobs.org/
You are not alone. I have read many posts from parents who have lost a child and I hope that some of them will reach out to you and that it will helo you. xx Jo