I'm feeling really upset today

I am crying with ceaseless tears today.it feels unbearable today.i still cannot beleive that I will never see my dear daughter again.feel very lonely.

Anette your not alone you got people on here that will try and help im sure others will reply to your post Colin

Hi Anetted it is so hard isn’t it ,I lost my husband recently he was 51 I feel like my heart has been ripped out.I hope by being on this site you will get some comfort nothing can take away our pain at this moment but hopefully in time the tears will stop but the memories will always be there.take care of yourself.x

Hello Annette
I’m so sorry that you are in such a bad place today with such an intense ache in your heart. Is Gabriella with you and how is she bearing up? Warmest regards and take care Annette.

Thanks for your concern Tina.its a bad day today.not that they aren’t all bad because I’m afraid they are.i just feel in sorrowfully seclusion .I have my granddaughter .Of course but she is eighteen and I am sixty three.so sometimes because of the age. Gap obviously we are a bit embroiled in our own personal grief.thanks for your concern once again…Hugs too

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