im new to this site im glad ive found it

Hi im 57 my wife and soulmate died 04 03 2016 on her 41st birthday in ITCU shed knocked on deaths door very hard a few times before this (first 10 weeks on a life support machine ).I was her carer she suffered greatly and it broke my heart to see her suffer.Shes at peace now but im left totally confused and my world has ben blown apart.I slep downstairs i cannot stand in our bedroom for more than 2 minutes .I go to cruse them and this site afre the only people i can off load to (also i phone the samaritans .Sorry if message is long its as short as i can make it the full version is extremely long

I am very sorry to hear of you loss its so horrible… I am having a very bad time right now due to the recent passing of my brother. It amazes me how different people affect me in different ways. I want to talk to my brother again to tell him I am sorry and I wish I could have done more but I know I cant. I hope you will find the strength you need to move forward and I hope I can find some too. My mum isn’t coping at all she is 70 and I am worried about her so much. Why is the world so cruel?xx I am sure your wife looks down on you and she most certainly knows how much you love her.

scotslass thankyou for you kind words .im sorry you lost your brother .I try to live in the now but being completey on my own its v v hard .I phone the samaritans (there not just there for suicidal people which im not )Take each day at a time .Im sure likewise your brtother is looking down and knows your thoughts .Im on here most days at some point can always chat if you want .Massive friend hug Colin

its nice to hear back from you thanks for that. I am not someone who shows a lot of emotion so times like this are difficult. There are so many unanswered questions for me and i wish things could be different. Like you say one day at a time :slight_smile: