I'm not coping

I have never had counselling because I find it hard to talk about my loss of my two brothers my husband and my mom and dad and my 3 children I’m in a lonely place and I feel empty it’s been what other people would call a long time since I lost my brothers but to me it’s just one long day… then my husband and then my dad and then my best friend my mom it’s never going to be the same again all I’ve got is my brother and one sister left now and my brother is in remission of cancer and recently is suffering from mental health problems my 3 babies I lost was a long time ago I had 2 miscarriages and a little boy who lived for a few minutes I had to have him buried…my mom passed away 24th November 2018 she was my life and my best friend I’ve ever had I am disabled and I am grieving my heart out I cant go over the cemetery mom dad and my brother carl are all buried together and my brother baz is in the next row my husband is also buried not far from them I have to block all my thoughts out my head when I do go over the cemetery because I feel totally numb …I still visit my brother who at present lives at moms all mom and dads things are still there I can feel them in there but because of the virus I’m not allowed to visit him and have a chat and a cup of tea with him…i just feel so empty it’s like I’m on another planet lost in space i really miss my family with all my heart no more txts of my mom no phone calls nothing its heartbreaking

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Hi Flizzy.
Ii am so so sorry to hear of all of your losses.
Thats a hell of a lot to cope with on yiur own
There is sue ryder who does counselling on this site or cruise berevement
You have about 6-8 sessions
I was with them sometimes good just to talk help you feel less isolated and alone
I lost my baby twins yes ling time ago there anniversary next month
Thus year liost my mum in law and then my dad.
I will be thinking of you in my thoughts/prayer
Please just take a day at a time
Glad you decided to post on this site
Wherw you will find comfort and support
Take care
Sandra❤ x


Flizzy00 my heart goes out to you it really does. But you have to find the strength from somewhere for your brother , all of your relatives you have lost are also his relatives too.
Have time with your brother to talk about all the good times you shared as a family.
You are not alone and it’s good you have found the willpower to comment in here because this is where there are people who can feel your pain and help guide you and give the best advice as they are going through the same pain or have gone through it . Keep posting , sending lots of hugs take care x x

I phone my brother every day he is not coping I had to phone the doctor yesterday for him and then the crisis team rang him he broke down and hopefully now things will ease a little he is all I’ve got and I love him so much we are a close family I cant cope if anything happens to him thank you it’s very hard to talk about what’s happened to us as a family as we have never had any counselling

Flizzyoo it’s good that you are there for each other and you both have a focus. Continue to support each other but make sure you look after yourself too , you are as important as each other. This is a very tough time already without the grieving we are going through.
I understand you find it hard to talk about but that’s the beauty of this site you can chat and cry at the same time and no one can see or judge you ( not that any of us should be judged) but unfortunately some people do. There is no wrong or right way to grieve it’s whichever way is best for you . It’s excellent that you saw the signs your brother wasn’t coping and acted on them, with you by his side he will do great and you will get each other through this dark tunnel you are both in. Take care and please please keep posting x x

Thank you it’s been terrible these last few months my brother is going through so much the paramedics came today because of his mental health issues and they found out he as got low blood pressure and a high heart rate I phone him every day and when things pick up we are going to see a bearevement counselling life feels strange empty without our family and nothing will ever be the same again but we are trying and doing our best