Im so scared.

My darling wife Janice passed away on Thursday the 15 of December, She had suffered for a year with cancer. I am totally lost now. My youngest daughter has stayed with me since my wife died but now she is having to go home. I am in a panic at the thought of being on my own.
I miss my wife dredfully and really cant see the point in going on.We had been together for 35 years and now shes gone I am going mad.

Hi Kevin im very sorry for your loss .My advice is take it day by day .But tomorrow go see your GP re medication (im on medication re my loss )This you might not agree with but i cant look at photos so ive took them down .Im sure other people will write to you .Im on everyday Friendship hug Colin (57)

Hi Kevin
I am so very sorry for your loss.
As above please seek some help.
Keep in touch with your daughter and other family.
Do not do anything stupid for your own and the sake of your family, call CRUSE 0808 808 1677 or the Samaritans 116 123.
You are not alone. You will get through this.

Hello Kevin

So sorry for the loss of your wife Janice and words seem so inadequate but Colin and Gemma have given such good, caring advice. And Gemma is so right, you are not alone - there are a last three people caring now and we don’t even know you yet.
I know my wife, Helen, is with me (she died of cancer too, 6 months after diagnosis, we had been married 46 years), not in a mystic way, but part of me and nothing can take the love Janice had for you away from you. It is a sign how much you loved each other that it is hurting so much now. I felt that I was going mad too for the first few weeks but I know now that is pretty “normal” for the state I was in and what you are feeling now - remember you have your daughters to care for and you to be a witness for the wonderful person Janice was.
Best wishes, Alan.

Hi again Kevin, meant to be on a P.S. about being scared and panic. Something I have done when I am suddenly attacked with panic is to say out loud “I am scared”, it may not work for you but I have found that it can scare the panic away, something akin to the old “shout at the devil”! Take care, Alan.

My daughter took me to the doctors and sat with me while I was checked over, im on tablets now.

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I am talking to my wife, it helps but I keep getting into a saying sorry to her and crying loop.

Hi kevin… im seeing my dad in the same situation after my darling mum passed away…absolutely heartbreaking they were married nearly 50 years. Talk to my mum all the time especially in the car when im alone…

I’m glad you’ve seen your GP.
Please reach out when you are feeling down it helps and remember people care.