I'm struggling

Hi joey hope your first day back at work was not so difficult for you.what I would give for my dear girl to walk through the door.still can’t believe it.my best wishes to you Annette.xxx.and hugs.

Hi Annette. Thank you for your message. I managed to get through work today. It was very difficult but had good support from colleagues which really helped. I feel the same Annette I still can’t believe my dad has passed. Feel like I’m in my own bubble but trying to get some normality if possible. Don’t think I would ever be ready for work but it was something I had to do and also for financial reasons. It was lovely to hear from you Annette. Take care and hugs to you xx

I am so sad for you all ,i have had some antidepressants in my bag now for few week but cant bring my self to take them the loss off my husband seems to get worse daily and he died year half ago and i just cant come to terms with it, i hate this new me as i am not a shadow off my former self all take care x

Ho love i am so sorry to hear that just when you need him the most ,i wish that i could find words to help you ,if you need to talk iwill listen i know its not the same but sometimes writing it all down helps take care thinking off you x x

Thank you my whole world is hostile down he’s moving out tomorrow never thought he would ever let me down I no he’s grieving to but I would never leave him and I no I haven’t behaved the right way but grief does that to you tomorrow when he gets his things it’s all like loosing someone all over again can’t believe how bad this time of my life is , thank you for your reply and support x