I'm trying!

It’s been over a year now since my husband died at 39 , I turned 40 without him, i have tried to move on, went back to work ( after 6 months of what I now call losing my shit !) Im really trying but I still have this overwhelming feeling of loss ! Times a great healer they say , I think of him everyday every minute ! Friends and family are great but they still walk on egg shells and give me that look ! I think you all know that look ! Anti depressants sure , they don’t cure a broken heart. They help you function Is there a reprieve ? Or suggestions? Any one else feel this ?


I still have this overwhelming feeling of loss !

naturally … you need more time to grieve … one year is not any time at all. in a year or so you will start moving into your own life …

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I’m only a week into post death grief (been having anticipatory grief for 23 months) My husband died last week at aged 43 (we have two children).
No advice, just know you are not alone as a young widow x