Impatient with Time.

Hi. All. It’s an old topic I know, but we can get so impatient with time when in bereavement. It so often drags and the pain just doesn’t seem to go way. ‘Time is a great healer’ they say. Healing implies a complete cure, and that just doesn’t happen. We will never forget, but we can ease our burden by accepting our situation and going with it. Some fight and struggle with emotions, when they are there for a reason. I have found some who are afraid to express emotions, especially men! It seems to be regarded as a weakness! Suppressing emotions and feelings is not healthy mentally. Being impatient with time helps not one bit. We can allow ourselves to take it day by day, even in the early stages.
After 21 months I am learning new tricks. Mornings are still not good, but I am accepting this will be so for a while. We can make a new life, or at least a new routine. Nothing can change anything that has gone, but that elusive light in the distance has got brighter. Hope is always present, but can so often be difficult to find. Take care All. John.

It’s always nice when we get advice to take our time, we want to get better because we hate feeling this way and people we know seem to think we should be better after a few months and getting back to normal, so your advice of taking our time is always appreciated.

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