In a bad place

The past couple of days have been very bad for me. My daughter flew to Australia yesterday ( only for a holiday) & I find that I just cannot stop crying. I miss my lovely Terry so much & it only seems to be sinking in now after 9 weeks that I’ll never see his lovely face , again, feel his arms around me talk to him. I’m heartbroken & can’t seem to snap out of it. I’m seeing friends going walking with my sisters today but I just can’t face going through the motions trying not to cry.

I know I’m lucky compared to a lot of people on here I have support but as we all know that’s not what we want . I just want him so badly.

Thanks for being there xxx

I understand the sheer hopelessness and pain you describe. I feel the same, at over three months. I wish I could send you a positive comment or two but I do wish you a peaceful day. Warmest regards.

Thank you Tina I’ve been for a walk with my sisters & friend it was a nice diversion but back home & I feel the same & the tears are flowing. I just wish it was a “normal” Saturday & we would be settling in for a quiet evening after I’d made us a special meal. Instead it’s just me the TV & a jacket potato because that’s all I can be bothered with.

I don’t have to be alone but I don’t want to be in company at the moment.

It’s just so hard isn’t it X

Hi Sued,

just to say you do not have to ‘snap out of anything’. To be honest a good rip roaring cry will probably do you good. A jacket potato and TV sounds good to me be it Gary Barlow or Casulty whatever is on. You take care of yourself this evening.


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