In dreams

I lost my boy 5n half years ago. He was 24. I don’t think there as been day gone by were I haven’t thought about him. He was my best mate.

In the beginning as I’m sure most of you will agree it is all consuming. I’ve had many dreams about him over the coarse of the last 5n half years. When I wake in the morning some of them I remember some I don’t. However also in that time I have had a handful of dreams. Where I remember every single detail and I would bet my life on it that he has been to visit me in my sleep. When I wake they are that real that I have to convince myself that he is infact not hear any more. Even after time passing I could still give precise details of what was said between us. It’s as real as real gets.
Surely I can’t be the only one that has had this experience.


Hello Jim .
The ones that seem real are known as visitations , i have had quite a few from my mum . So take comfort from them , your son is letting you know he is fine . I am sure lots of other people on here have had them too . Take care x


Hi Jim, may I say I think you are very lucky to have had your type of dreams. I have seen my daughter in my dreams but we havnt conversed. I have been able to talk to her to tell her that I love her and give her a hug. I am grateful :pray: for that. I would like more but will have to wait and see. Blessings to you for healing.x