In that moment I felt my mum looking after me

Hello all
I want to share my experience of my lovely mum
Yesterday in work I had just booked a car and as I was being abused by a driver the driver decided to drive towards me at speed with the intention of hitting me.
It was in the moment I felt like my mum was infront of the car protecting me it’s so weird I felt safe that my mum was right there beside me. I can’t describe in words how it happened but it just did. It’s like time stopped I could see this car coming towards me and there was this invisible bubble around me. This is not the first time I’ve felt my mums presence there have been others. It just goes to show our mums don’t really love us.
After it happened I was shook up and I know it’s part of my job I expect it. I take the rough with the smooth and I always will but this is simple it’s my mum she was right by my side.


I meant leave us