In the limbo stage

Hi, this is my first time visiting here so please bear with me.

On the 29th December I lost my grandad after a very short 3 week illness (what started as a simple water infection, then pneumonia then covid and organ failure). He was my absolute world and pretty much brought me and my brother up so it has hit us really hard.

On the 9th Jan we then lost my mums dad after a long term palliative care journey. I had a very different relationship with both my grandparents due to family dynamics but the loss so close together has knocked me for 6.

We had my grandads funeral on the 18th Jan but still waiting for my mums dads next Friday due to delays with coroners.

This period of time after 1 funeral and before another has left me really very lost and who knows how I am supposed to feel. It’s my 30th birthday next week and everyone around me keeps telling me I should be celebrating etc etc and I am doing things as I feel I need to keep the, happy as they are going through it also but all I really want to do is go to work and pretend it’s a normal day as celebrating doesn’t feel right atm.

Apologies for the length of that and I’m still not sure what made me type it all



Hi @Wbecky20
2 bereavements so close together, sending hugs of support.
I know you said you’re having birthday to keep people happy, but it’s your birthday, & your decision, I’m sure people that care most will understand if you want your birthday to be more low-key this year, loosing 2 grandparents is a lot of grief, & it’s understandable if you feel you need time to process the loss.

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