Increasingly fed up with humanity ...

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all managing despite the long road that is bereavement.

I have not been on the forum for a while because I have been spending nearly every hour of the day working to pay bills and survive, which I am sure many of you have also been doing.

Although today started well with going into town for brunch and then collect my prescription, this afternoon went downhill very quickly thanks to my dry cleaners and so-called friends (she came to Andrew’s funeral and kept on saying ‘I wish I could do more’).

Due to COVID and Andrew being poorly over the last three years, he left one of his favourite jackets with them. I contacted them to retrieve it to be told that just before Christmas they had a clear-out and disposed of the jacket, without having the decency to ask me beforehand. I mean, they knew what I have been going through, for goodness sake! And what has happened to ethics and the moral duty to inform people? That jacket had a high sentimental value for me.

I also had some other dry cleaning that need collecting, which oddly enough they did not dispose of (Andrew’s jacket was quite expensive whereas the other stuff is not). I asked them to drop it off on my doorstep this afternoon (I really do not want to see them) as I was having a nap, to be told that her husband was not prepared to do so. I pointed out that people like couriers (Amazon and the like) do not have a problem with doing so, to be told that I was being rude and that her husband is not a courier! I mean, what is wrong with people?

On a different and equally upsetting note, my Italian cousin keeps on messaging me saying that he will call me tomorrow and never does. I realise his mum (my aunt) has not been well and he is her sole carer, so he has plenty of issue to contend with, but what upsets me is the ‘will call you tomorrow’ that never happens.

I might be the odd one out here, but if I make a promise I usually keep it (and will do my utmost to keep it).

So back to the title of this thread. I am so fed up with some human beings who are supposed to be there for you, their attitude to others and their lack of compassion (maybe it is the throw-away society we live in). I was brought up to care deeply (maybe too much) for other people. Maybe I am the fool.

Sorry, I do not want to add to anyone else’s grieving but I had to vent I how am feeling today.

Thanks ever so much for listening.

With love and warm wishes,



Hey @Sonya24 Your friends sound horrible. Who would dispose of someone else’s clothing? Especially knowing it belonged to a grieving family. Unforgivable in my book. If it was accidental then fair enough but you know when something isn’t yours. I’m like you, if I’ve made plans/promises etc, I’ll keep them unless the reason is unavoidable. I think people do it more if you don’t call them out on it. Hope you have some more reliable people you can count on. Xx

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Hello @SSTC22 . If someone hits me over the head with a stick, I’ll never pick up the stick and start hitting myself over my head.
Its them who deserve a sore head.

Sorry, tykey. I don’t quite get the stick analogy. Could you please expand?

Many thanks.


@SSTC22 Just noticed I’d addressed my earlier post to someone else. I’m so dumb :crazy_face: It was meant for you. Anyway, I hope this finds you well xx

Hi @SSTC22 . Of course I’ll explain it better.

The thing is, if someone hurts your feelings (eg hits you with a stick), what oftens happens is that you get upset and hurt, and go off being upset for ages. The one who hits you goes off without giving it another thought, ever. It should be the other way around, its unfair.

So dont let them get away with it. The best way is to tell them as politely as you can manage that they have hurt your feelings and let them carry the hurt.

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