Incredibly sad

We have had an horrendous 6 months, my father in law passed away in January, my Mum was diagnosed with cancer in February, our darling dog had to go to sleep in the same month, my Mum passed away in June, after my Mum’s diagnosis I cared for her 24/7 for almost 4 months, she was very strong & accepted her diagnosis & fate. I am so thankful for that time to laugh together, reminisce and be best pals. Everyone who met her loved her no one more than me. My Mum chose not to have a funeral opting for an unattended cremation which for me was incredibly difficult.
I take one day at a time, my return to work is looming, I manage a team who have their own stuff going on & I worry that I won’t be able to support them as I am struggling to support myself.

My thoughts & prayers go to everyone who has lost someone


Hi @Lois66, I’m sorry for the loss of your mum, father in law and dog - it sounds like you’ve had so much to cope with. I’m glad you’ve found our community and hope you find it to be a support.

There’s a few threads on Returning to work after bereavement - if you click the link you can have a read through if you think reading about others’ experiences might be helpful.

Thanks for reaching out - you’re not alone.