It’s nearly a year since I lost Stephen, time isn’t a healer at all, but I am coping really well and getting on with life as I have no choice.
I’m wondering if anyone has had an issue with their loved one’s inheritance, he was left money from an aunt which now should come to me, however there was no will as my husband didn’t feel he needed one. The solicitor says I need an estate account to pay the money in, but of course there isn’t one, she said she will send a check to the estate of his name but I’m wondering what can I do with that?
Has anyone else had this problem, the bank weren’t helpful at all. Any input will be gratefully received.

Your Solicitor should know exactly how to resolve this issue for you or advise you what steps to take in the absence of a will. It might be worth getting advice from a Solicitor who has a specialist in probate/wills if your current Solicitor can’t advise you.