Initial of loss.

At first when I received the news of my step dads death it was a huge punch to the chest I couldn’t breathe I couldn’t speak, move nor could I cry I was frozen in my own body. He was killed in an accident on the motorway. How do you ever get over this?

Hello Courtney1998, I am so sorry for your loss. You ask, ‘how do you ever get over this’, the answer is you don’t get over it, you live with it forever. An unexpected death must be the worst thing to happen as you get no warning at all. When someone you love has been ill for a while you are more prepared when death does happen but it is still a shock and again you don’t get over it, you live with it forever, because the person is no longer here to speak to or touch. All we have left is a future without them. You get up each morning and try and get through the day in a daze but hopefully there are other people around because you have a lot of sadness facing you so take comfort in each other, talk about your step-dad, I found it easier to always mention my husband in conversation and talk about what we did and where we went, it keeps his memory alive. Take care. Sheilax

I’m struggling with this too, as my mother died suddenly 3 weeks ago. Its so final and we have no say in it at all, our loved ones are just gone and only memories to live with. No goodbye’s. People keep saying it gets easier in time so that is what I am hoping for, another quote, its early days.