Inquest & so many questions

I feel like my grief is being paused because of so many unanswered questions.

My Dad was off work sick and was on a video call with an Occupational Health clinician that works for the NHS and is based at the hospital. She saw my Dad collapse and did nothing. She has admitted it and the email says she ‘deeply regrets not calling an ambulance’.

We didn’t find him for 6 hours and as a result nothing could be done. I just don’t understand why. I know she herself has remained off work.

The autopsy was inconclusive and parts of him have been kept and sent for further histology. We do however know that he had a spontaneous brain bleed (likely due to hypertension). At the moment we are without a death certificate. I know the coroner’s words to the organ donation Nurse mentioned that she was ‘questioning a preventable death’ (I don’t think she was meant to relay that to us but she did). Despite the need for autopsy, the coroner did allow Dad to donate two organs to save lives.

The inquest is not until November. I have so many questions. One being, is what she did criminal? Witnessing a collapse and not doing a thing? I know from an old news story that a man went to prison for manslaughter when a lady he was out with fell into the sea and he failed to call emergency services. Is this similar?
I don’t think the inquest deals with this as a criminal case does it? Should someone be alerting the police or is this OTT?

I just feel devastated for my Dad. I’m so gutted as we had so many plans. Neither he nor my Mum made it to retirement age. It really hurts but the feeling that someone should be held to account is eating away at me.

Hello @SilentTears, I am so sorry for the loss of your dad and for the unanswered questions you have about his death.

You might want to contact the Coroners’ Court Support Service to talk this through. They should also be able to signpost you further in regards to your questions.

Take care and please do keep reaching out - you are not alone.


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