My son passed away 6months ago suddenly age 25 while under a mental health act section his inquest is the end of this month I have now been called as a witness has anyone been through this as I’m having panic attacks constantly

I’d be interested if anyone can give some advice too Louise. I’m expecting to be told the date of my daughter’s inquest soon. I’m terrified. X

Hi ladies …my situation is a little different but hope I can help …my husband died 6/7 months ago of alcohol poisoning…he was not an alcoholic and went months at a time not drinking but he would binge drinking…the doctors said that they though he had mental health issues …but he just kept slipping the net and nothing was done …he was hospitalized by ambulance 3 times in a row in one one week each time he was realesed after I begged for him to be kept in … explaining that he was not some drunk on a Saturday night but some one with serious issues…the hospital let him out on the Saturday night at midnight …on the Sunday morning he died . There was first an inquest into the medical care that Gary had received …which resulted in them saying they offered all the support they could …and then was the medical inquest into how death occured …I was advised not to go to the inquest as it may be to upsetting …what I will tell you tho is that I assumed the inquest would be a verdict of the actual cause of death . Nothing more or less …but I was wrong the corner rang me personally after …to say how sorry she was how distressing vtge hearing was …the calls I made for help were played out in court …my husband’s past was talked about even before I had met him …things I didn’t even no about him …he’s family were mentioned…donut is a little more in-depth than you would first think …
If you feel it is too much there are options…I have been told in time where I’m ready I can have a report of the hearing or even a CD …I think the think that shocked me the most was when I was told that the hearings are open …so anyone can attend and most likely there will be press there …this is nothing to worry about they are there all day long and it’s not just because of your case .the corner asked the press not to publish any details of my husband’s death because wife the sensitive nature and because I have to very young children… remember no one is there to judge you it’s just something that has to be done by law unfortunately…and also they are making sure nothing more could have been done …

Love Michelle

Thanks Michelle just finding it really hard at the moment.

Just to give you some back ground my son had his first mental episode 3 years ago he was sectioned put on meds then let out again for him to go down hill each time. Each time I had to fight to get him help even involving police and demanding help. I finally thought I had got him the help he needed he was in a secure rehabilitation unit to help him learn life skills. But 10th aug I get a phone call with a women crying and screaming down the phone not even telling who she was just saying I’m sorry Ive gone his room he had sick coming out his mouth and not responding and it don’t look good as you can understand my world fell apart there and then.
I’ve have since been told he died from streptococcus phemonia but inquest has to still go ahead as he was under a section.

I seemed to cope dealing with funeral and other stuff and within 4 weeks I throw myself back into work. Which did help u till 2 weeks ago I received information regarding the inquest and I was trying to process that then someone in work said something to me and I just fell apart I’ve seen been told I’ve had a mental breakdown I’ve been put on antidepressants and signed off work till after inquest. According to my councillors this is a normal grieving process which I have to let happen as I physically can’t function or deal with life x

Hi Louise,
So sorry that you are having to go through this and for the loss of your son. My precious daughter took her own life a year ago and was under the care of a mental health team.
I wasn’t called as a witness but we had an inquest which I was dreading. I decided to take a photo of Gemma with me so the coroner could see what she looked like and she said it was the first time anyone had ever done that. She propped it up on the front. When we arrived at court we were introduced to a volunteer who looked after us and put us at ease. The coroner was friendly and empathised with what had happened. At one point she was quite emotional and said she has seen a big increase in people taking their own lives. She made the process much easier than we thought it would be.
Just so you are aware there was a reporter in court which I was upset about and I asked him not to write a report about Gemma as she has two children. He said it was ‘in the public interest’ which I disagreed with but later the court volunteer telephoned us to say he had agreed not to put it in the local paper.
I hope it goes okay and please do private message me anytime.
We are travelling such a hard road with the loss of our children but there is always somebody here to listen to you and help.
Much love to you xx

Thank you so much Victoria I’m feeling a lot more relaxed about it now. I know on the day I will be a bag of nerves. X

Oh bless you just another step along this difficult road. What is the date? I’ll be thinking of you xx

28th February all I want is answers x

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Can a coroner decide culpability? Or order an investigation? My daughter’s death was down to systematic gross negligence. Xx

A coroner can not decide on culpability.
Historically they could, but certainly not for a good few years.
I have chapter and verse on this at home, a Times Law Report, but I am out dog walking at present, so I can’t quote a source.
But I will.
(Just to show off ! (-:slight_smile:

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Hi Edwin,
I think the role of the Coroner is to establish the sequence of events. Difficult for us to listen to at times but we found the Coroner to be very caring and empathic. x

Hi Victoria,
In the case of a drug overdose, do you know if he would he assess where the drugs came from?

Hi Edwin,
That would be interesting.
I’ve been told a coroner looks at “how” it happened. Does anyone know what is meant by that? Is it refering to how the drugs killed her? Graphic details?

Most likely my husband died of alcohol intoxcity and the inquest is not cut and dry …they go over events leading up to the death …

It’s is not just medical facts …my husband’s past family …actions leading up to death was taken into account…it’s done on an individual basis and obviously if police were involved at the time …it’s not black and white what the law says trust me I’ve just been through it all…it was very hard but like you said they were very kind and personable …
Take care
Love Michelle …

Hi lost …yes it does mean that …they look at if the organs failed how excatly it happened …you can here as much or as little as you want to …in my case I was given the levels of alcohol in his system I was told what levels would cause the body to shut down …it was hard hitting but I was assured that he wouldn’t have known…there is some comfort in knowing although it may not seem it …it was all alot more than I expected …the 999 calls I made were played …the times he had been admitted …reports from nurses and doctors …it’s very different to someone who passed from natural causes or disease or similar …
Here if you need me

Hi Michelle,
We already know what the drugs did to her. And it was horrible. I dread sitting through it, but we want to be there because I’ve already sent a long list of concerns about my daughter’s care, to the coroner. I know it’s going to be very very hard, because I carry an enormous guilt of leaving her alone, when I shouldn’t have, and I should think that might come out.
But will a coroner not look at where the drugs came from?
Chris Xx