My beloved partner died in January 2023 having had an epileptic seizure. His inquest is coming up in April, 15 months following his death. It’s certainly been a long and agonising wait.
I’m going to the Coroner’s Court on Wednesday to be shown round in an attempt to ease some of my anxiety.
Has anyone got any tips on how to cope with the inquest please?
Also, did the inquest give you any sense peace afterwards?
At the moment it’s churning up a lot of the trauma I experienced finding my partner and doing CPR on him.
Thank you for being here. A community none of us want to belong too but can be so valuable for each of us.

I’m so sorry for your loss. I can’t believe that the inquest has taken so long!! I really feel for you. Ours was about 4 months.
We did the inquest remotely which was good. They were kind and you could ask any questions at the end. It did bring things to a conclusion and helped in the grieving process.
Be prepared when you get the notes beforehand that it is quite distressing because it is in black and white. I’d suggest reading them with someone else. But it prepared me for the inquest so there were no surprises.

Many thanks for your thoughtful reply @Carrotsgirl.I’m very sorry for your loss too and that we both find ourselves on this forum. That’s really helpful advice re reading the statements with someone else.

They will be sent via email so will just appear in our Inbox. I work full time so will need to resist opening it until I get home and have a friend with me.

The 15 month wait has been awful. Different parts of the country have much longer wait times than others. My partner died in Hampshire. It’s basically a postcode lottery. The maximum wait time is supposed to be 6 months.

I really hope others on here haven’t/don’t have to wait so long x

My partner died in Feb 2023 in Oxfordshire.
Hopefully the inquest will give some answers.
For me, there will always be the questions I want to ask him, but I tell myself that I will never have the answers so there is no point going there!
I really recommend counselling if you haven’t had any. I found it so helpful.
Feel free to dm me and let me know how it goes on Wednesday.

Sorry to hear of your loss and that you have to wait so long for the inquest. My mum died in hospital in January this year and the inquest is in May. Don’t know what to expect and am dreading it. xx

Thank you @Carrotsgirl.

Yes, like you I found counselling really helpful. I saw someone who specialised in trauma & bereavement which is exactly what I needed.

I think my fear too is that the inquest might not answer all the questions I would have liked to ask my partner and I may be left with more unknowns.

Think I might need some more counselling support afterwards!

Hope you are ok this Easter weekend. The bank holidays are so hard without our loved ones.

Take care of yourself x

Dear @Victoria22

So sorry to hear of the loss of your Mum.

I’ll update this post with my experience after the inquest on 23 April. Hopefully I’ll be able to reassure you and others will also respond so we know what to expect.

Take good care of yourself x

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Counselling may be a good idea. Maybe just a couple of sessions to process things.

Hope your Easter is ok as well. :hatching_chick:

There is hope for the future!

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