Do you feel your own mortality is in question and its a stuggle to put one foot in front of the other and find thst others not in the same situation can be insensitive and how do you deal with this


I just ignore it and move on. I refuse to let it impact me, it’s their problem, not mine.


I must be over senditive myself this is my very first post and I found the reply was wuite matter of fact

Sorry, it was a bit short, wasnt it, so apologies. But it really is how I handle it.
All we can do is talk to them so they have the chance of changing, they probably dont realise they are hurting you.

Thanks for getting back to me. I had reached out to this group as I am feeling very dejected by comments made recently and lack of empathy from family and friends. We lost our eldest son a number of yeas ago and very recently my husband - a 50 year relationship. I assume they must believe I know the ropes regarding how to handle grief.

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Yep certainly do ! In fact i would go as far as to say a lot of people are totally insensitive ! X


I have one particular relative, my cousins husband, who regards himself as an expert on grief because his mother died and who would continually tell me how I was feeling. My wife died 13 weeks ago and we were together for 45 years. The absolute last thing I needed to hear was what he thought. I found initially I was very angry but just ignored him. He’s now stopped and I hope that’s it. The only other bad one was someone telling me I’d meet somebody else. 2 days after the funeral. I again just ignored them and have avoided them since. I genuinely think they have no true idea of grief and certainly have no idea what you feel and think. I have found this group so helpful and supportive. my very best wishes for you.


@BobY omg, ppl are just unbelievably stupid. Telling you you’d meet someone else after losing your wife of 45 years!!! I think my words would be unprintable. Ignoring the dumb & dumber is the best way fwd. That way they they can go & pester someone else. Take care. X


Comforting to know I am nit being over sensitive. I too, literally a few weeks later in April this year, by three different friends suggesting I should look for someone elseIi i am beginning to think that they will not appreciate, their remarks cut you unless they are one day in our shoes. X


Some people are tactless ! Even family ! My own father said two weeks after my husbands funeral … well hes gone now ! Oh well thats alright then ! I will just forget that i was married for 35 years to him then ??? You couldnt make it up could you ? :frowning: x