Insomniac Maniac

the dreaded insomnia has struck again this festive season and i’ve been awake all night - tried sleeping but thoughts whirled round so i’ve just put pen to paper and written a poem (something i’ve done for years but it’d hibernated for a while)

was thinking to share it on here to bring comfort to other’s but this overly tired brain isn’t sure - i’m feeling like an insomniac maniac unable to think straight so i hope this message makes sense :upside_down_face: i may share it later or no doubt the early hours of Thursday if i can’t sleep

to all the sleepless souls, reach out on here as there’ll be others awake when you are and connection is crucial - love to all :pray:t2:


I look forward to reading your poem if you decide to post it. Since losing my Dad in November I’ve suffered from bad insomnia too, several hours to fall asleep then up at least once in the early hours.

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it’s awful isn’t it!? :pensive: i didn’t sleep at all last night so decided to nap today but felt worse for it. i hope you’re keeping as well as you can, it’s still so raw for you but my messages are open anytime, even in the early insomnia hours

i may post it, perhaps at the weekend

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It is awful and makes it harder to wake up in the mornings! Likewise, I will be here too if you are having a sleepless night. I know what you mean about the naps, they don’t always help do they.

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thankyou, let’s hope we get a decent ish sleep tonight :pray:t2: i think the dark morning’s don’t help matters either, roll on some lighter days so we can get out and admire nature

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Hope you’re getting a little more sleep. Lost my lovely mum on new year’s day suddenly. I’m the same so tired but I’ve also had a stinking head cold and my tinnitus seems to be worse so lying quietly in bed is impossible! It’s probably because I have no distraction apart from trying to get out of this black hole. Feel like I’m going mad and had a panick attack the other day so Dr has prescribed something to help with anxiety. I lost my dad 5 years ago he suffered for a long time with cancer and my mum always said she never wanted that for herself and just wanted to slip away at home - she got her wish but for me the shock is unbearable! I seemed to cope with the grief of dad but now I just can’t see how I’ll get through this and I hope that people on here who have perhaps been feeling the same can provide some hope. I’ll look forward to reading your poem should you decide to post it :heart: