Hi everyone. Just thought I’d share this because maybe it will be reassuring? I’ve taken to having reflexology which is so relaxing and good. The lady who does it is quite spiritual but by no means a medium or psychic. Anyway, after the session, she told me Alan wanted her to say ‘it didn’t hurt and it wasn’t scary’. Just that. ‘That’s good’ I thought and carried on with my day. A couple of days ago I related it to my son and I saw his expression change. When I was taking a break from being with Alan that last day my son took over. He told me he held his hands and said ‘I love you, I hope it doesn’t hurt and it isn’t scary’. Those exact words. Wow.


Hopefully that’s so reassuring for you @Arvia. He definitely wanted you to know that all went smoothly in the end and he didn’t feel fear.
It’s like the dream I had about Steve watching me from the shadows. He was smiling at me and told me that he wasn’t ill, hadn’t died, he simply had to go away for a while.
I really don’t think there is anything to fear from death when it comes for you, and all our departed loved ones will be waiting…


How comforting to you both ,i haven’t had anything like that, its purely a feeling of reasurance and calm ,that only he ever made me feel . It feels like hes with me watching over me . When i cant feel him ,hes obviously off visiting elsewhere. I feel this horrific panic that just doesn’t ease . Until he returns . My dog i believe felt him return the first day as he was barking and whining for hours and just wouldn’t come to bed or settle with me ,until i told my husband to sit quietly as we both needed to sleep . My dog then jumped into bed and cuddled up by my head for the first time .

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