Internet Dating

A friend who was bereaved 4 months ago has decided to try internet dating. Oh dear, in my view that is way too soon. I know the loneliness is terrible at this stage, but he is oh so vulnerable.

I waited 2 years, fortunately I met a good man and am settled. However, it has been very up and down. A new relationship has not eased my grief in the most inner ways. I am on here because I still grieve for my husband, it is a separate matter. Hard to explain.

I would always advise a widow or widower to be very careful as nobody can take the pain away. You are lucky if a new partner can deal with who you are. If not, it is a recipe for much further pain to date again too soon.


@Rachel50 that’s a really difficult one. Some days I long for a woman’s touch, someone to take me in their arms, someone for me to hug - but the reality is that despite my girl saying to have another partner, there is NO WAY that I ever would, or could, or want, another love.


The day may or may not come. For the first year I couldn’t bear the very thought. Yet we change, feelings change along with our lives.
The importance is time. Never rush into anything for unsound reasons. Also, listen to your friends and family. Usually they can see what you cannot and they want the best for you.


This subject has crossed my mind , I panic thinking at 54 I don’t want to be alone .

I yearn for my Mandys touch , to make love the way we did , to just hold her hand .

It’s lead me to consider it , could I date again in the future. I was certain I could but not yet . I told myself to wait a year then try , try online .

However I feel I simply can’t love another like Mandy nor will anyone love me as much as she did. I’m resigned to being on my own romantically forever now , I can’t love another .

I miss her spiritually and sexually, we met via Internet dating so the likelihood of it happening twice I just know are slim. I do believe you need a time to grieve properly that is at least a year but each to their own . I actually until very recently was gonna try internet dating after Xmas , 7 months after she died but no , I’m not gonna be ready , I need to build a life , I need to grieve .


There will never be anyone else for me he was my world nobody could ever make me happy again .I wouldn’t want them to
Everyone is different though
Take care

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Glen I read your message and can relate to it so much. I lost the love of my life in February and have just turned 50 I panic I might never love again. I miss him so much in so many ways especially the way he took my hand crossing roads and sending me random text messages with a :heart: At the end and of course the love making.
I have two very close friend that have been widowed for a few years and both have had no success with internet dating, I worry it was too soon for them. I need to give myself time however long this may be. I need to grieve however my body needs and hope one day I might just find a new love? And if not that’s ok.

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