Introducing me

Hi, my name is Anthony. Thank you for this site. I am 37 years old. I lost my mum on December 2019. My mum was 57 years old. Way to soon to be taken.

The past 2 years have been really hard for me and my family. Just losing mum then lockdown. I’m sure I’m not not the only one who is feeling this and I really feel for us all.

I find it hard to talk to my partner regarding my feelings as I personally feel I need to be the strong person and not let my wife or daughter see me crumble. (Which happens) I find it hard to talk to anyone face to face about my feeling so I am hoping this will help me mentally and emotionally.

Again thank you for and I hope this will help me and everyone else who is struggling to talk face to face


Dear Ant123456

Welcome to this site on behalf of everyone at Sue Ryder, it is brave of yu to reach out and tell us how you are feeling. What a horrible time you must have had with your Mum’s death and the lockdown. It’s getting to us all, especially those of you who are grieving.

Everyone on this site has one thing in common and that is grief, but more than that, they use their experience to talk to others going through their own pain.

You don’t have to be brave for your wife and child, Ant; you lost your Mum. Stifling your feelings is not good for any of us either mentally or emotionally, and you will teach your daughter a valuable lesson that feeling sad and showing emotion is nothing to be ashamed of.

Your Mum was too young you are right, but even so you must have some wonderful memories of your life with her. Keep writing and I hope you find the help and support you need on these pages.
Have a look at - I hope it can help.

Thinking of you,


Hi Ant123456,

I just wanted to say hello and say thank you. Like you I’ve just signed up. Your post has given me some confidence of where to begin on this forum. You’ve also helped me to see that I’ve come to the right place where there are some likeminded people who know how it feels to loose their mum.

I’m so sorry for your loss, it’s a hurt that is not easy to put into words.

I’m also 37 and lost my mum Feb 2019. I’m not sure if you are having a similar experience? but I feel like (most likely in my own head) I’ve gone over the ‘acceptable time limit’ to be distressed and upset with with friends and family and perhaps somehow I should be able to ‘keep it all together’ by now. But having browsed the forum I can see grief isn’t that clear cut, and (is it bad to say?) I’m relieved to see that other people have been grieving over long periods, I’m normal! lol!

Lockdown too was a mixture of bad and good. It was my excuse to avoid social contact and a great way to avoid awkward and uncomfortable conversations about my mum’s death. I realise this is not so helpful now several years on.

I hope, like you, finding other people to connect with helps.

Thanks for your unwitting support
Take care
Molly2 x


Hi Anthony, I’m so sorry for your mam and for you. You don’t need to be strong. My mam passed in Nov and it’s the most devastating thing that has happened to me and probably ever will. You are so young. I’m having an awful day today but posting here does help me. You will meet people who really understand because they have lost their precious ones too and can be a source of comfort to you if you let them. I’m missing my mam so very much today. I just want to be with her xxx