Introducing the Online Community Mentors

You may notice some users now have a blue ‘Mentor’ badge under their username. These are people who have been using the site for a while, who’ve volunteered to make an extra effort to make sure that new users feel welcome, that everyone gets a reply, and that the site is a safe and supportive place.

They are ordinary users who have their own personal experience of bereavement, and will still be here to look for support as well as to give it. They don’t work for Sue Ryder and they can’t moderate or delete posts.

A huge thank you to all our new Mentors for taking on this role to help and support others. We hope that everyone will appreciate their contribution to the site. Of course, the Online Community wouldn’t work without all of its users, and you all play and important part by sharing your stories and replying to others.

If you’d like to know more about the Mentors scheme, you can get in touch with me by emailing

If you believe that a post breaks the Community Guidelines, or you are concerned for another user’s safety, you should still let me me know by clicking the report button under the post or emailing

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